Amaru Esperanza

Our story to help is just beginning

We are always working on a project. We often have multiple initiatives going on. During the past year while coping with Covid 19 and the fall-out from the Pandemic, we have not been able to offer volunteer opportunities but hope to do so in the near future. Our ability to learn on- the-go continues to push us to strive to improve our daily work.

Amaru Esperanza works across the United States, Philippines, and Colombia. Our efforts span a myriad of issues including housing, literacy, nutrition, sports, disaster relief, education, and the vital mission of protecting the natural environment, with a particular focus in Colombia and the Philippines.

Why support us?

Transparency and good work are pillars of what we do.
At Amaru Esperanza, there is no percentage or overhead,
we invest 100% of incoming donations back into our projects.
We always try to keep going!


Transparency and good work are pillars of what we do.

Cultivating a world where everyone is nurtured, dignified, and can achieve their fullest potential.

Tackling pressing issues like housing, literacy, nutrition, sports, and education.

Championing the protection and conservation of our natural environment, notably in Colombia and the Philippines.

Your donation is an important step in supporting communities and individuals.