Our beginning

The word esperanza in our title comes from the spanish word for hope. We are motivated by the idea that every good action is a positive contribution to our society, not only for the people we help, but also for their families and their community.

Led by the ideal that every human should have the right to nutrition, shelter, and education; we believe in providing the resources to help empower people to be able to reach their goals and better the lives of themselves and others within the community. Borrowing from the Good Book, Scaffolding for progress means teaching a man to fish rather than simply handing him a plate.

This is the intention we lead with to help give those in need tools to better their futures.  Amaru Esperanza was founded around the principle of doing all-encompassing good work — both big and small — making real differences in the upward movement of those in need

We wanted to create a trustworthy platform to better the world and communities in which he lived — as well as other areas around the globe.

As a foundation we work both in the United States and Colombia serving those in need. We focus on a myriad of issues such as housing, literacy, nutrition, education and protecting the natural environment particularly because Colombia is so rich in Natural Resources and therefore very vulnerable to outside influence.

We have a small, but growing group of dedicated staff, with the experience and drive needed to make change. Our ability to learn on- the-go continues to push us to strive to improve our daily work and reach out high standard initiatives.

Our story is just beginning and we hope you come along for the journey!

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